Technology is Ready for the Next 25 Years, Are You?

After reading about what digital life will be like in 2025, I became interested in what other predictions experts have for our future. I stumbled upon this article in which Ray Kurzweil, a man endorsed by Bill Gates for his accurate predictions, discusses his ideas about the future.  Kurzweil predicted concepts such as Google Glass and Siri years before they were created.

In the next 25 years he predicts incredible things: nanobots that will take care of most diseases, self-driving cars taking over the roads, the ability to upload our mind or consciousness, total comfort with virtual reality and the dominance of non-biological intelligence over humans.

In class we often discuss the importance of entrepreneurship and coming up with creative ideas that solve problems. These predictions are a reminder that we are living in an age of technology and discovery. Changes that are bound to occur in our lifetime are things that we cannot even fathom today. We must be forward-thinking enough to recognize the change and effect that new technology will have in the coming years. Factoring in these predictions and possibilities is necessary for anyone attempting to create something new.


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