All Things Google

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An unconfirmed rumor is circulating about Google’s next step in taking over the world. Bloomberg reported that Google may have created a ride-sharing app which, if launched to the general public, will be in direct competition with Uber. Interestingly enough, Google has invested a decent sum of money in Uber.

This potential new Google product does not particularly surprise me, as Google seems to be in all aspects of our lives these days. With Google entering so many different industries, I will be interested to see the success of its new products. Will people trust Google Fiber more than what they receive from Time Warner Cable? Will Google see success in the transportation industry, either with this ride-sharing app or its self-driving cars?

Based on its previous successes, it seems like Google can handle many industries. What started as a search engine has now entered the worlds of advertising, news, cell phones, transportation, finance and more. Not only has it entered these worlds, but the public seems to trust the products it makes, regardless of the fact that they differ greatly from Google’s original purpose. It appears that for now, Google can bank on the fact that the public will trust their brand, which allows it to test out a variety of products in a variety of industries.


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