The Internet of My Things

I’ve been learning about the Internet of Things in several of my classes and the concept has not only scared me a bit, but I’ve had trouble conceptualizing it and understanding how it would affect me. Pixie, a new start-up, has created technology that not only seems to fall into the Internet of Things, but that I can imagine myself using.

Pixie gives non-connected items like wallets, keys, purses, etc. that are frequently lost a digital presence. This presence is actually a sensor, small enough to attach to most items. The sensor is attached to Pixie’s app, which will locate the lost item within a range. When that item falls out of range, it will let the user know the last place that the item was identified. Another cool feature of Pixie is that the sensors attached to various items can connect to other items with sensors, making a network of all of your stuff.

The number of times I’ve found my debit card in my laundry basket makes Pixie an app that I can definitely imagine myself using. I’m sure that Pixie is not the first group attempting to make technology like this, so it will be interesting to see its success, likely based on the accuracy of its tracking services. If this is the beginning of connecting historically non-connected items to the Internet, I can only imagine how connected everything will be in a few years. I’m guessing that ten years from now, we will wonder how we ever lived without being able to find our lost Apple TV remote with the click of a button.


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