Talk About Selling Yourself

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 11.32.23 AM

For those disappointed with online dating websites and apps, Facebook has a new way for users to meet their potential soul mates. Lovebook creates Facebook ads about a user which include photos, a short bio and the fact that the user is interested in meeting potential matches. The ads are then targeted towards people similar to the user. When someone likes or comments on a person’s advertisement, its up to that person to reach out to the potential match.

We all know from personal experience that Facebook is good at targeting ads to users based on their interests. Lovebook claims to be able to better target similar, interested individuals than an app like Tinder, because it utilizes Facebook’s targeting abilities. That being said, the idea of having my personal advertisement floating around on people’s newsfeeds makes me cringe. I’ve never been one for online dating, but in my opinion, this seems to take the concept a bit too far. Additionally, I think it may raise some ethical concerns. Facebook users often express that the targeting of ads feels like an invasion of privacy, and I think if the advertisements begin involving people and potential relationships, users could feel even more uncomfortable.

I am interested to see if the use of Lovebook catches on because there is potential there. Facebook’s targeting abilities are excellent and likely exceed the matching abilities of most dating sites or apps. As online dating in general grows in popularity and loses some of its stigma, I think something like Lovebook could become popular.


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