With 1 billion users worldwide, Facebook competes with Google in the race to take over the world. The platform is actively growing, buying other profitable companies and expanding its services. A true tell of a successful company is its ability to expand services and have users trust the platform regardless of how much that service diverges from its original purpose. First created as a social network, Facebook has expanded to a messaging app, news service and money-sharing platform.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 10.18.37 PM

To prove that it can successfully provide all of these services, Facebook is “unbundling the big blue app” (Dredge). As mobile use increases, Facebook will create standalone apps, similar to Messenger, for a variety of services. For example, a Facebook news app might provide the news posted by Facebook friends as well as any breaking news that Facebook has collected.

This will benefit consumers and Facebook. The apps will more specifically provide the services that a mobile user is looking for, while providing Facebook with even more personalized data (Lafrance). In the next decade, standalone apps will better show what users like regarding a certain service, expanding the specificity of ad targeting and increasing the desire to advertise with Facebook.

The trust placed in a platform like Facebook, and its $3 billion in yearly revenue, allows it to experiment. In the next few decades, Facebook will roll out virtual reality on a newsfeed-like platform (Kaplan). The integration of virtual reality into news, education and other areas will eventually exist, but perhaps not through Facebook. The mission of Facebook at the time will play into its decision about whether to control the virtual reality realm or use it simply for social connections.

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