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Probably the most undisputed leader on the web, Google controls 67.5 percent of online search, with Bing and Yahoo following in second and third place respectively.  Over the last few years, Google has maintained this percentage of online search, and barring the end of the need for search, it will likely remain the leader in web search for the next decade. Additionally, search is moving mobile, and Google dominates mobile search with almost 90% of the market (Search Engine Land).

With the money it makes from online advertising, Google has been able to expand its services beyond search. It provides email, a calendar, video streaming, a mobile operating system, news and file sharing, among other things. In the next decade it is poised to expand its services even further, infiltrating every aspect of digital life (Kulathuramaiyer & Wolf-Tilo).  All of its services require an account, keeping users consistently logged in and reliant on Google. As it expands its services, search with Google will likely increase as it becomes the commonplace platform used for most everything.

Google has created a self-rewarding cycle that allows it to rule the web. As it expands its services and control of the search market, it rakes in money from online advertising. This money is put back into service expansion and Google’s control of the digital landscape increases yet again. Any company with enough money to hire a team of futurists will likely be around for more than just the next decade.

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