Growing Privacy Concerns

The problems with personalization go beyond the diversity of content and into the realm of privacy concerns. Consumers seem to appreciate tailored content, giving companies an incentive to collect more personal data and thereby increase privacy invasions.

As Google expands its services, it also expands the places from which it can collect customer data (Rosenfeld). Facebook collects information about its users even when they are not logged into the platform (Oremus). These two are not alone in data collection, as data brokers are collecting thousands of data pieces on each individual consumer, selling them to companies across the web for advertising purposes (Lohr).

The growth in personal data collection and sharing has led to backlash from citizens and activists who resent the privacy invasion. As this adverse reaction grows in the next decade, transparency will increase among both data collection organizations as well as the major Internet leaders. Countries around the world already have transparency laws in place, requiring data collection agencies to notify citizens before they either collect or share their information (Lafrance). In the United States, one Internet monopoly is following suit. Facebook is letting users see how the data they give Facebook is linked to the various ads they see (Lafrance). Not only does this give users more control over what they see on the Internet, it is the first step in these monopolies recognizing the need for transparency. In the next several decades, consumers will have more understanding and control surrounding personal data collection.

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