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Probably the newest quasi-monopoly on the web, Netflix has only recently started surpassing other online streaming services. The platform has bested HBO, America’s oldest television service, in number of subscribers in the United States (Stenovec), and consistently has more paid users than Hulu Plus. It even recently surpassed the entire CBS network in terms of market value (Deadline). 

Facing more close competition than several other monopolies on the web, Netflix is working to set itself apart. A potential partnership with Disney that would provide Netflix with exclusive access to its movies could increase Netflix’s monopoly potential (Spangler). Tactics like this that give Netflix access to in-demand content will allow it to grow its user base even more. This revenue growth will lead to further content expansion and lower prices, giving it a chance at online streaming domination.

Right now, streaming is in a diversity of places because each service has something unique to offer. Netflix has a large amount of content, Hulu lets viewers watch recent episodes and HBO provides exclusive content. As everything moves online in the next decade, users will demand ease and want all content to exist in one place. This means that one streaming service will come out on top, amassing all of the diverse content on one platform. Netflix has the best chance to be that streaming service.

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